Multi-purchase program

Allows your clients to purchase multiple products in one transaction

Accessible Price

This allows you to have an incredible machine with top-quality components without huge expenses


This store is movable. If the retail space you have chosen isn’t working for you – you can move the machine into a new space.

Flexible product range

This store can retail both light and heavy products.

Huge touchscreen monitor

This feature allows you to show the highest quality images of your products, attracting passersby and increasing your sales.

Our Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program can print a receipt with a QR Code for your clients, which they can then use at each subsequent purchase to receive a small discount. This means more returning customers for your business.

Easy Product Change

This machine is able to quickly change shelves and prices. Even if you need to completely change your inventory – it will only take 40 minutes.

Reliable robotics

We use the highest quality German components. This allows you to not worry about maintenance, and gives your machine a long service life.

Sleek, Modern Look


  • Dimensions and capacity: 680mm x 2153mm x 730mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Usage: 4Kw, 20A, 230VAC, 50-60Hz, with grounding
  • Touchscreen: 24″ single touch capacitive touchscreen
  • Communication interface: WiFi, SMS, TCP/IP, USB Modem
  • On-board PC: 2core CPU, 30GB Flash storage, 4GB RAM, Modified Ubuntu OS, UPS
  • Software: Client application with GUI – simple and functional (3-click purchase)
  • For operator – secure service menu. Automatic data synchronization
  • Refrigeration system


  • 7 levels for cells, 14 cells
  • External Colour – Grey
  • Internal Colour – White
  • Touchscreen – 24″ single touch capacitive
  • Capacity (dm3) – 700
  • The machine can be further customized with 2 microwaves
  • Microphone and camera
  • BarCode scanner installation and integration
  • Automated output basket cleaning
  • Sound and Light Security Alarm
  • Integration of RFID Scanner
  • Automatic loading of products
  • Multiple purchases
  • Cash Dispenser and bank recycler
  • Additional door on the back of the machine
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